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Hi. Eighty here again. My strengths are SEO and building killer websites with clear and comprehensive optimization.

Aside from this expertise, I'm also smart enough to find some of the best partners in design, copy writing/editing, and marketing to help meet your needs. Need help with brand development? Need a logo, business cards, brochure copy, or design? We got it.

My partners and I will help you develop the brand of your dreams, even if you don't have a clear vision of what that is yet. We elevate, teach, produce, and deliver.


With over 30 years of integrated branding and design experience, Jon Lagda (Kato Design), has helped clients across multiple markets build their brands and connect with their audiences. National clients include Acura, Toshiba, Spectrum, Jenny Craig, Hansen's Beverages, Swiss Miss, and more. If you need a custom logo, print ad, tradeshow banner, or other graphics, Jon is the guy. 



With nearly three decades of experience in writing, editing, and brand consulting, and  clients and projects spanning various industries, Eve has set the bar high for quality copy. From facilitating social media training programs, creating marketing and website copy, and sharing best practices with collaborators and teams, Eve offers knowledge of how digital documents, content, and creative all work together. We partner to make sure your long-form keyphrases are accessible to search engines and readable to your users.


Jud is based in Los Angeles, and has been ON IT since before social media marketing was a thing. Not only does he understand humans and what draws them to events or products, but Jud has also taken all the tools of the trade and made them his own. If your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other social media accounts need to be managed daily, Jud is THE go-to Social Dude.

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