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Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I need a website?

Well maybe YOU don't, but your business definitely does. Welcome to the world. A website is not a brochure and it's not a static document like a mailer that ends up in the trash. It's a living, evolving digital document that can be scanned by search engines and placed high or low in the search depending on how well it's built and how much effort is spent on SEO.

What the heck is SEO?

SEO—Search Engine Optimization—means that the website is built with certain parameters met for compliance with sites like Google. Each website needs to have sections properly tagged and labeled. Bots read the copy and tags, and correlate those items to search. Websites not tagged or managed properly will be ranked very low in search results. SEO is ongoing—keyword phrases work with Google Analytics and are updated as needed, mostly to refocus content to reflect what folks are searching for online.

What about updates?

That's what a blog is for! Imagine your website is a billboard, sitting on the side of the road not being updated. Eventually, it becomes old and shabby and in disrepair. Just adding new content to your blog makes your site relevant. Every time you add something new, Google will rescan the site (once we've input the analytics code) and update you. If everything is tagged correctly and the copy is comprehensive (300+ words), you will move up the search chain. Think: more social media, more blog posts, and more links out and backlinks in.

How can webgURL help?

We make all of this nonsense work for you! Reach out today with the form below to set up a call or meeting to discuss your business's current needs and goals.

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