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Still so many reasons to Burn

Ok, so when I overhear some douce talking his hook up plans being foiled by the families present, when I overhear Coachella Chick say where's all the headlining bands... It makes me wanna throw up a lil bit.

From back in the day, when it was FIRE, and FIRE BALLS, and FLAMING FRIDGES being launched into the air... Back inthe early 90's when Burning Man really had no rules, there were no police, there were no rangers, It was MAD MAX meets the ART WORLD.

I saw a massive golden cow, being sluaghtered by a pig man, and as he slit its ginormous neck, 100 gallons of red wine poured onto naked women dancing in it around a fire.

I saw a swing set with my roommate Mutt, swinging hard, via hooks, through his back.

This was a pagan ritually in release, and forgivenness of ones self, and absofknlotly nutsness.

Ill be honest, this year was a little bit more disney, EL Wire everywhere, and glowing dots of people flying accross the playa..

But I didnt mind, it was funnier to me, When maybe it was more serious before, I mean it had to be, it was dangerous.

But as I stood between a massive fire breathing octopus and a giant metal Rhino...

It was the same, I mean nothing I had ever seen before in my life, but the same feeling of HOLY CRAP, this is awesome, we dont get that much as adults, that thrill of first experience, its there. I had an amazing camp this year, Camp Juicy we made smoothies every day for a couple hundred folks, and it was awesome... we had twice as many folks packed into our space as anyone else around us, I kept calling us lil brooklyn.

The early team killed it in getting that dome set up, and the week, we'll there's a lot more story there... Ill jest leave you with this for now...

Burning Man Embrace 2014

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